A minimal window-stacking compositor for Wayland
Add keyboard input
Rig up cursor events
Render using wlr_scene


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Sedna is a no-frills window-stacking Wayland compositor. It's designed to do one job and one job alone: composite Wayland surfaces over one another. Sedna is meant to be combined with a variety of clients supporting the wlroots Wayland protocol extensions, to add wallpapers, taskbars, and so on, to build a complete desktop shell experience.

Sedna only understands the Wayland protocol, it cannot be controlled with dbus or any other technology. However, it does have a simple configuration file for defining keybindings and will reload its configuration on SIGHUP.


meson build
ninja -C build

To run Sedna, as a window nested in your current session, or as a DRM master if logind support is enabled, run ./build/src/sedna. To install, run ninja -C build install.