1.11.3 3 months ago

scdoc 1.11.3

Dimitry Andric (1):
      Fix clang 15 -Wstrict-prototypes warnings

Drew DeVault (1):
      README.md: mention system packages

Eli Schwartz (2):
      remove useless re-declarations of standard functions
      get rid of some unused includes

Humm (3):
      use .PP for paragraph breaks
      scdoc(1), scdoc(5): follow conventions more closely
      simplify list output

Max Schillinger (1):
      fix formatting of escaped backticks

Simon Branch (2):
      scdoc.5: fix capitalization of subsection headers
      scdoc.5: fix formatting in the preamble

Simon Ser (1):
      man: add section about SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH

jturtle (1):
      Emit '\e' instead of '\\'