1.11.3 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

scdoc 1.11.3

Dimitry Andric (1):
      Fix clang 15 -Wstrict-prototypes warnings

Drew DeVault (1):
      README.md: mention system packages

Eli Schwartz (2):
      remove useless re-declarations of standard functions
      get rid of some unused includes

Humm (3):
      use .PP for paragraph breaks
      scdoc(1), scdoc(5): follow conventions more closely
      simplify list output

Max Schillinger (1):
      fix formatting of escaped backticks

Simon Branch (2):
      scdoc.5: fix capitalization of subsection headers
      scdoc.5: fix formatting in the preamble

Simon Ser (1):
      man: add section about SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH

jturtle (1):
      Emit '\e' instead of '\\'

1.11.2 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

scdoc 1.11.2

Connor Kuehl (1):
      Add uninstall target

Cormac Stephenson (1):
      Escape ' at the beginning of lines

Manuel Argüelles (1):
      Clean up the installation process

Sebastian (2):
      Check for and abort on failed memory allocations
      Disallows differing row lengths in table

1.11.1 3 years ago .tar.gz browse log

scdoc 1.11.1

Bor Grošelj Simić (1):
      string.c: swap calloc arguments

Drew DeVault (4):
      .build.yml: drop annotations
      .build.yml: remove unused secret
      Drop flex/bison from .build.yml
      Cast ctype.h inputs to unsigned char

kst (1):
      Suppress sentence spacing after end-of-sentence characters.

1.11.0 3 years ago .tar.gz browse log

scdoc 1.11.0

Damien Tardy-Panis (5):
      Section needs to be explicitly defined
      Allow subsection in preamble
      Add basic working tests for line breaks parsing
      Fix parsing of line breaks without newline
      Fix parsing of line breaks followed by underlined text

1.10.1 4 years ago .tar.gz browse log

scdoc 1.10.1

Drew DeVault (2):
      Replace str_t with struct str
      Expand preamble written to man page output

Raymond E. Pasco (2):
      Fix timezone-dependent tests
      Fix `date --date` dependent test

1.10.0 4 years ago .tar.gz browse log

scdoc 1.10.0

Drew DeVault (2):
      tables: add expand options
      Add contrib/_incr_version

1.9.7 4 years ago .tar.gz browse log

scdoc 1.9.7

Zandr Martin (2):
      remove unnecessary `closed` variable in parse_list
      fix bug preventing indented literal blocks

1.9.6 4 years ago .tar.gz browse log

scdoc 1.9.6

Drew DeVault (1):
      Fix regression with manual name check

1.9.5 4 years ago .tar.gz browse log

scdoc 1.9.5

Drew DeVault (2):
      Add .build.yml
      Revert "fix enforcement of 1-step indentation"

Henrik Riomar (1):
      use TZ=UTC in test case

Zandr Martin (3):
      disallow invalid name characters
      fix enforcement of 1-step indentation
      enforce 1-step indentation

1.9.4 5 years ago .tar.gz browse log

scdoc 1.9.4

Drew DeVault (1):
      Fix SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH test w/busybox date

Jan Beich (1):
      Drop install -D flag after acb0f64a7b73

Michael Weiss (1):
      Fix the "Ignores underscores in underlined words" test

emersion (1):
      Add a pkg-config template
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