f092f83bcfe5e6ec648c4991ad2f6cf5ea23bb0e — Raymond E. Pasco 2 months ago 2901e79
Fix `date --date` dependent test

This test depends on a nonportable option for date(1). I am not sure
that there is a good portable way to do this, so I just directly
included the seconds since epoch that it would have computed. We're
testing scdoc, not testing the local system's date command.
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M test/preamble
M test/preamble => test/preamble +1 -2
@@ 70,8 70,7 @@ test-manual(8) "" "Header"
end 0

export TZ=UTC
export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=$(date --date="2017-12-09 23:18:57" +'%s')
export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=1512861537

begin "Supports \$SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH"
scdoc <<EOF | grep '^\.TH "reproducible-manual" "8" "2017-12-09"' >/dev/null