Snooze last reminder for that user
Revert "Snooze last reminder sent to user who's asking"

This reverts commit f1a8bbacca5cf4132904943955db36b5849103ea.
Use a lazy regex for times

Fixes reminders which contain "to" or "about"
Snooze last reminder sent to user who's asking
Convert timezone into a str before save

It was trying to shove it a DstTzInfo entirely into redis which was
complaining that it should convert to a byte, string or number first.
4c42d52d — minus 2 years ago
Add basic reconnect
07883c6e — minus 2 years ago
Don't run on import
Create actual Python package for this
Remove that stupid crap
Tweak .remindme
Add explicit commands and fix UTC
More whatever
c1b9d43b — minus 5 years ago
Fix relative time reminders

by parsing the time with a source time in the correct time zone and
explicitly dealing with timestamps with tzinfo everywhere.
Also fixes bugs in encoding data for redis.
ec30767c — minus 5 years ago
Initial commit