Add <title> to paste pages
Add new and move existing paste visibility indicators
Update Makefile to use python 3.8
alpine.yml: switch to alpine 3.11
Improve config.example.ini
Add user information to profile pages

Change user profile pages to display the user's bio, URL, location, etc.
as per other services. (Previously, all user pages displayed the
"Welcome back, username!" text from the front page.)

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Lowry <> Fix None dereference
Add a build manifest for Debian packaging
Updates for single-sign-on support
Display number of files in "view paste" button

Changes the "view paste" button at the top of a paste to display
the number of files in the paste, e.g. "view paste (3 files)".

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Lowry <>
Make unlisted pastes actually unlisted for logged-out users

As requested at

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Lowry <>
Fix typo in previous commit
Mix the paste ID into paste sha
Paste deletion webhook
Flush database during paste creation
Implemented paste deletion in API
Extract paste file addition to a helper function
Implement paste deletion

Added locks for blob creation/deletion

Fixes #13
Fix logic in paste user page
Set a max width for images