9384914a808cc1c16317fe6c1741e599652c2bf7 — Drew DeVault 3 years ago 8aacd61 + e1026d8
Merge pull request #25 from rememberYou/master

Fix the deletion of extras when generating the password
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M pass-rotate.ini
M pass-rotate.ini => pass-rotate.ini +1 -1
@@ 11,7 11,7 @@ get-password=
# A shell command that creates and prints a new password for an account. For
# example, for the "pass" password manager, you could use this command:
# gen-password=pass generate -f "$ACCOUNT"
# gen-password=pass generate -i "$ACCOUNT"
# The $ACCOUNT environment variable will be replaced with the account name.
# After the password is generated, get-password will be used to read it back.