ac477f1b — Rens Oliemans 2 months ago master
go-vanity.yml: use hut and go install instead of older alternatives

- hut instead of acurl

- `go install` instead of `go get`, which is no longer supported.

Setting GOBIN (rather than GOPATH, as `go help install` would suggest)
is necessary on my machine in order to install the vangen executable.
37305dc7 — Rens Oliemans 2 months ago
hugo.yml: Use hut instead of acurl for hugo
add mdbook example

Signed-off-by: Tianhao Wang <shrik3@mailbox.org>
Use hut instead of acurl for publishing Haunt sites.
eleventy.yml: Don't use nodesource repo

just install nodejs and npm from Debian's repos.
eleventy.yml: Disable progress bar correctly

Changed for newer versions of npm.
eleventy.yml: Switch to debian/stable

Won't eventually fall off the support list
c3b42b36 — Erazem Kokot 1 year, 10 months ago
Use hut instead of acurl for publishing Zola page
adeada23 — Mike Lake 2 years ago
Added example for a MkDocs static site on Debian.
Add Haunt example

Haunt (https://dthompson.us/projects/haunt.html) is a simple, functional,
hackable static site generator that gives authors the ability to treat
websites as Scheme programs.

The manifest is using Guix as build environment, as it has all the Guile
bits and pieces required for Haunt to work.
Add Go vanity import example
add eleventy example

This patch adds an Eleventy (https://www.11ty.dev/) sample manifest.

Due to the nature of Node.js development, this example is somewhat more
opinionated than the Hugo example:

* A version of Node.js must be specified, so I chose the current LTS
* The environment variable `CI` is necessary to avoid flooding the
  console with a fancy progress bar during `npm install`.
* This example assumes the repository already contains a `package.json`
  file with `@11ty/eleventy` in its dependencies.

I've also tweaked the style in the following ways:

* De-mystify some of the workings of this manifest by linking to
  documentation where appropriate.
Add Zola example
Initial commit