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@@ 19,25 19,6 @@ sources, and pass them to the template and write the output to out.html. Then
you can include this file with your static site generator's normal file include

A pre-compiled binary is available [here](https://yukari.sr.ht/openring) so you
can integrate this with your CI deploy. For example, on
[builds.sr.ht](https://sourcehut.org), add a step like this to your

  - openring: |
      curl -O https://yukari.sr.ht/openring
      chmod +x openring
      ./openring \
        -s https://drewdevault.com/feed.xml \
        -s https://emersion.fr/blog/rss.xml \
        -s https://danluu.com/atom.xml \
        < _include/webring-in.html \
        > _include/webring-out.html
# ...

## Contributing

Want to help? [Send patches](https://git-send-email.io) to the [mailing