Notes and 3D printable parts for Dodge D250 trucks
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#Open Dodge D250 parts & info

This is a collection of stuff I've learned while maintaining my Dodge D250 truck. Sharing this to make it easier for other owners to maintain their vehicles.

#2020-03-08: Turn signal fix

While driving down the freeway, I signaled to change lanes, and felt a "snap" after which the signal lever became limp and I could not engage the turn signal in either direction. However, the hazard lights still worked.

The solution: open up the steering column, realign the signal lever, and tighten the screws.

I needed a steering wheel removal tool for this.

There are two nuts behind the wheel which you can unscrew to remove the horn assembly. Use some tape to note which of the wires connect to which lead when removing the horn electronics. Use a wrench to remove the large nut holding the wheel on, then use the steering wheel remover to take it off entirely. This should give you access to the pictured area. The screw which needed tightening is the black one on the left.

Note: I also reckon that I could 3D print some of the pieces here if any of the plastic breaks in the future.

#2020-03-25: Bay window arm bracket replacement

A bracket which holds the arm of the locking mechanism on the truck bay cover's rear window was broken, causing the arm to fall out and cause a nuisance (banging around, making it annoying to open the bay, etc).

The broken part:

The solution: design and 3D print a replacement part.

solvespace CAD model

Ready-to-print STL model

#2020-07-30: Radio volume/tuner knob replacement

Knob CAD model

Sleeve CAD model

Printable knob STL model

Printable sleeve STL model