sysinit: initial commit

Moving towards a model wherein helios loads sysinit, which implements
the device manager (and maybe a small number of other IPC interfaces)
and boots up /sbin/usrinit to get things going proper.
proto/Makefile: add protos to all
scripts/Makefile: remove extraneous backslash
Switch to GPL

We want to encourage drivers to be free software. You can write non-free
drivers so long as you don't use Mercury to do it.
scripts: add macro for sed
all: further build system improvements
init: drop logger.ha
Implement more general protocol management
helios: refactor recv
Flesh out cap transfer example
rig up testbed for ipcgen cap transfer
Remove obsolete components
mk/driver-x86_64.mk: style
mk/driver.mk: add all target
Add makefiles for driver use
make install: install bootloader
Makefile: add more install targets
init: fix imports on +x86_64
Add mercuryenv script and install target
Add scripts/gen-docs