patches.py: fix generated cover letter locals
Upgrade to Alpine 3.11
Improve config.example.ini
Adds pygit2 as a dependency in setup.py

pygit2 was being used in /listssrht/types/email.py, but it was never
declared as a dependency of the module.
Generate Next -> links with more patch context

Fixes #134
Improve patchset feedback rendering

To be honest, this code is a mess and will have to be completely
overhauled at some point.
Updates for single-sign-on support
Don't let lists.sr.ht email itself
listssrht-lmtp: more logging
Filter "normal" access from settings-access.html
Print envelope of rejected messages
Set server_default access to normal
Implement ListAccess.moderate
filters.py: Fix issue with patch detection
filters.py: format_body: parse patch
Fix 500 on incorrectly labelled patch threads

This often happens with hg patchsets which are not yet understood by
Change placeholder text for patches view

If no patches have been posted to a list, the patches view confusingly
claims "No one has posted to this list yet", even if non-patch posts
have been made. This commit changes the placeholder text for the patches
view, to "No patches have been posted to this list yet".

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Lowry <ben@ben.gmbh>
Fix patchset UI links
Add contrib/reclassify-patches