Add button to forward a thread to the user
Be even more tolerant of missing feedback
Gracefully handle emails with unpopulated feedback
Catch errors around patches with multiple heads
Alpine: upgrade to 3.12
setup.py: use importlib.resources from python 3.7 to find core.sr.ht Makefile

importlib.resources will guarantee to find any importable module, and
check that the resource ('Makefile') can be found within it.

This lets us get rid of the current getsitepackages() hack and
environment variable fallback, which is both verbose and badly handles
some edge cases when installing modules, and instead use the recommended
way to find data files shipped with a python module.
process: fix missing message-id in mbox import
archives: similar fix as for patches
Fix oversight with previous

Bloody test your patches
6b46ba1a — Nate Ijams 2 months ago 0.41.10
Fix #142: prevent duplicate mailto: in Reply to Thread link.
05ef7163 — Nate Ijams 2 months ago
Fix #141: use flex container to format lists archive boxes on small screens.
09efc588 — Nate Ijams 2 months ago 0.41.9
Fix #92: hides new post tab on list view if user does not have posting permissions.
9a66457c — Nate Ijams 2 months ago
Fix #118: allow either a To or Cc header in emails instead of only To.
Order messages in mbox by patch_index

This mirrors the way it's done in the web view.  Unordered patches could
cause the whole patchset to not apply cleanly.
patches: fix bulk update

Fixes #140
listssrht-initdb: import webhook types
Add listssrht-initdb
Some minor API additions
Fix error with incorrectly parsed patches
Responsiveness improvements