Fix an issue with hash collisions returning incorrect values.
hashtable: fix ko_hashtable_set when appending to a bucket
Support zero length files
19ec1c76 — Drew DeVault 5 years ago
Update koio.syms
Fix hash collision error in hashtable.c

Also fixes a possible NULL dereference.
Gen pkgconfig file and namespace hashtable
Add aliasing and reorder ko_fopen priorities

This lets you permit users to override embedded files by specifying
alternative paths they may be loaded from. This also prioritizes files
on the genuine filesystem over files embedded in the executable.
Add README and contact info, switch to C99
Compile and install man page
Install koio.h
Add sample program, fix minor bugs
Invoke ko_del_file correctly
Escape strings in generated code
Add codegen tool
Initial commit

Basic shit and support code