lex: update bufio usage
Make switches exhaustive
gen/server_ha: log & ignore unexpected labels
Implement namespace prefix and finish rt
Implement -R to change runtime namespace
gen: implement transitive dispatch methods
client_c: implement variadic parameters
gen/server_c: squash unused variable warning
Fix various issues with variadic params
Hare: implement variadic parameters
gen/client_c: implement error handling
gen/c: implement error handling for servers

Still missing for clients
gen/server_ha: drop tag on error reply

If we end up doing error parameters, it will be a bit different than
gen/client_ha: add default error case
Updates per upstream hare changes
all: implement bool parameters
gen client: fix variadic cap following fixed
C: Implement caps_out for server generation
gen/client_c: fix variadic cap count
gen/shared_c: fix ident types