Update wording on dashboard page

To encourage users to feel like a part of sr.ht
Only show projects on first page of events
Don't hide projects which didn't complete checklist

The UX here is pretty bad and at least a third of users are unaware that
they need to complete the checklist to publish their project.
Delete second declaration of create_tracker
Fix subfolders in ".builds" breaking CI

Currently the gql API request will return an empty object for subfoders.
Use -sS instead of --no-progress-meter when curling mbox downloads

Seems like curl in Debian images is too old to have support for
--no-progress-meter introduced in curl 7.67. This can be done in a
forward compatible way by using -sS.

-s will silence output in general, but -S (--show-error) will unsilence any errors.
Add `Edit account profile` button to hub profile

Also adds a link to /projects/create
README: don't add empty pre tag for empty readme
De-emphasize tags in project lists
Add link to tag best practices
Make project tags optional

Didn't notice this in the original patchset
Correct oversight on index page
Add project tags

Ref: ~sircmpwn/hub.sr.ht#19
Test for & display invalid search errors on profile page, too

I was there indeed
Test for & display invalid search errors

Hi nab-was-here
Allow project slugs to break

Ref: ~sircmpwn/sr.ht#245
Move {git,hg}_new_GET into common handler; use correct origin for /~u/p/{git,hg}/new

Ref: ~sircmpwn/hg.sr.ht/39
Link resources directly if there's one of a kind

Ref: ~sircmpwn/hub.sr.ht#23
Fix git.ensure_user_webhooks

Typo had the unensure function overwrite the ensure function, the end
result being that everyone's webhooks were removed -_-
.builds/alpine.yml: increase specificity of sed
sources: import abort