1346dd4f34c63401482409626e52ec935b8fcb10 — Antoine Kalmbach 29 days ago ba9573e 0.11.7
Use -sS instead of --no-progress-meter when curling mbox downloads

Seems like curl in Debian images is too old to have support for
--no-progress-meter introduced in curl 7.67. This can be done in a
forward compatible way by using -sS.

-s will silence output in general, but -S (--show-error) will unsilence any errors.
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M hubsrht/builds.py
M hubsrht/builds.py => hubsrht/builds.py +1 -1
@@ 78,7 78,7 @@ def submit_patchset(ml, payload):
git config --global user.name 'builds.sr.ht'
git config --global user.email builds@sr.ht
cd {repo.name}
curl --no-progress-meter {ml.url()}/patches/{payload["id"]}/mbox >/tmp/{payload["id"]}.patch
curl -sS {ml.url()}/patches/{payload["id"]}/mbox >/tmp/{payload["id"]}.patch
git am -3 /tmp/{payload["id"]}.patch"""
        manifest.tasks.insert(0, task)