261519ad — Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier a month ago master
catch up with stdlib ed25519 key name changes
Makefile: install hissh-export
Makefile: set default MANDIR
Makefile: create man directories
Add man pages
hissh-agent: drop temp import
Fix a few bugs

This codebase was getting a little bit stale
all: net::socket updates
Move Himitsu socket to XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
hissh-export: initial commit
hissh-agent: update os::mkdirs usage
Updates per hare-ssh changes
hissh-agent: remove unused import
hissh-agent: handle lack of consent properly
hissh-agent: implement signature request
hissh-import: update key type name
hissh-agent: implement request identities
hissh-agent: initial commit
Update README.md