SSH integration for Himitsu
hiss-import: add -c to overwrite/add key comments
cmd/hissh-export: Update for himitsu::client changes
stdlib updates



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


This project provides an integration between Secure Socket Shell (SSH) and Himitsu, allowing you to store your SSH keys in Himitsu, and provides an SSH agent which will use those keys to authenticate your SSH connections.

Note: Presently only ed25519 keys are supported.



$ make
# make install

Then add the following to your ~/.profile:

exec $(hissh-agent)

#SSH keys

To import existing SSH keys, run a command like the following:

$ hissh-import < ~/.ssh/id_ed25519

To generate new keys:

$ hissh-keygen -t ed25519

For either command, you can append an arbitrarily list of key/value pairs to add additional details to the Himitsu entry.