manifest.json: bump minimum Firefox version
manifest.json: update to 0.4
4824fb6e — Adnan Maolood 6 months ago
Trigger Javascript input events on autofill

This fixes issues with forms that rely on Javascript for validation.
Execute content script only in the topmost frame

This disables form filling in iframes.
Fix issue with poorly commented code
Update to 0.2

Makefile: add uninstall target
Makefile: install manifest.json in correct path
popup: add "add key" mock-up UI
README.md: document alternative install process
Prep all for user installation
build.yml: install himitsu first
popup.js: don't hide host pair
Add XPI to makefile and .build.yml
Remove extraneous log statements
Rig up autofill with new popup UI
popup: tweak UI for single key
Add initial disambiguation dialog
native: handle client::next errors