Himitsu integration for Firefox
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This is a Firefox add-on that provides integration with Himitsu.


The Himitsu Hare libraries must be installed in your HAREPATH, ideally via a package called himitsu-dev or similar from your downstream software distribution.


Run make to build the native component and add-on.

To install the native messaging component, run make install-native as root.

To install the add-on for Firefox ESR, run make install-xpi. Be advised that this will probably not work. The recommended installation procedure for the native extension is to install it from addons.mozilla.org instead.

#Alternative add-on installation methods

You can temporarily load this add-on for debugging purposes by navigating to about:addons and loading the manifest.json file at the root of this repository.

Certain Firefox releases (notably Firefox Developer Edition) allow you to load unsigned add-ons permanently. Set "xpinstall.signatures.required" to false in about:config and then load the XPI file via about:addons.

So long as himitsu-firefox has been active in the past 90 days, you may obtain the latest unsigned XPI build from the most recent builds.sr.ht job: