Move repo to hg.sr.ht
Improve performance and pagination of /heads

Don't paginate only tags, but also branches and bookmarks. Then, grab
commit information only for those that make it to the UI. This fixes the
performance issues as we query the revlog only for the 10 heads being
shown, not potentially hundreds of them.

Fixes #7 and #8
Add integration with builds.sr.ht
Debug server can handle http cloning
Sort repo tree by name

Fixes #6
Move add_srht_ext_to_repos to hgsrht-install-ext

And update setup.py
Fix performance issues with big repos

- Use a custom extension to list the repo manifest the way we want to
  show in the web UI.
- Add this extension to the `hgrc` upon repo creation.
- Migration script to add the extension to existing repos.
Fix crash when gathering changeset bookmarks
Fixes for displaying repo heads

- Handle repos where no `default` branch exists.
- Show branch heads and bookmarks on changesets.
Fix for splitting author name and email

It was previously eating up the space between the end of the name and
the angle bracket that precedes the email address.
Import binascii in repo.py
a9bcc03a — Piper McCorkle 1 year, 4 months ago 0.2.0
Implement archive export

Implemented in a similar way to archive on git, but using hglib
Update index.html, split out dashboard.html
24ba5324 — Piper McCorkle 1 year, 5 months ago 0.1.4
Fix simple typo on landing page
Fix status_char typo
Make config match the docs
Add periodic cleanup of autocreated repos
build: Automatically deploy hg.sr.ht to production