init: Write registers in arch_init instead of map_tables
boot/+aarch64: Apply R_AARCH64_RELATIVE relocations

This fixes string literals after harec@219d934 (generate string constants using
boot/+aarch64: Set base address to 0
boot/+aarch64: Include .dynamic and .rel.reloc in PE data
+aarch64: Fix build issues

But the bootloader does not work anymore, it seems.
all: fix compiler issues on newer harec
objects::lookup_types: fix syntax
arch+x86_64: save all registers on syscall

So that the context makes sense if the syscall faults, for instance.
all: updates for module3
x86_64: implement arch-specific faults
all: s/noreturn/never/g
Flesh out capability IPC fault handling
objects::endpoint: refactor captransfer

This re-arranges the code to handle error conditions better and to
scaffold out locations where errors will be returned to userspace
(either via sysret or a fault) when the remaining infrastructure is in
place to do so.
uapi: log error details on cap fault
objects: move ncap check to captransfer
uapi: add errno to cap faults
all: void => opaque
uapi/fault: dump state when no handler registered
uapi: refactor faults, add cap faults
uapi: add refcount syscall