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title: Online documentation improvements for harelang.org
author: Drew DeVault
date: 2024-02-26

This morning, I put the finishing touches on and shipped a new set of online
docs for harelang.org — check it out! The bulk of the changes live at
[harelang.org/documentation/][0], and include a shoring up of many
under-documented areas of Hare usage, such as cross-compiling and freestanding
support, pulls together a disparate patchwork of documentation littered across
Hare's ecosystem into a cohesive quilt, and presents it all in a much more
accessible and navigable manner.

[0]: https://harelang.org/documentation/

The [source code][1] for the new documentation is available on SourceHut. It's
built with the standard Sphinx + readthedocs configuration, which is popular for
a reason -- it's well-designed and makes it easier for us to write lots of good
documentation and easier for you to find and read the docs we write. Feel free
to send a patch if you find any errors, or have any useful additions to make.

[1]: https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/hare-docs

The rest of the content on harelang.org has been streamlined somewhat, as it is
now more narrowly focused on hosting the blog, the tutorials,[^1] and links to
other resources such as the Hare source code and specification, and the new,
broader documentation site.

[^1]: The tutorials are formatted in a manner which is hard to capture in
    Sphinx, and that's something that was much easier and better suited to
    implementing with Hugo. Though, to be honest, it is a pain so we might want
    to work on rewriting the underlying tools that make it possible at some

That's all there is to say: enjoy the new docs!