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#The Hare standard library builds.sr.ht status

This is the standard library for the Hare programming language.

#Hare stdlib mandate

The Hare standard library shall provide:

  1. Useful features to complement Hare language features
  2. An interface to the host operating system
  3. Implementations of broadly useful algorithms
  4. Implementations of broadly useful formats and protocols
  5. Introspective meta-features for Hare-aware programs

Each of these services shall:

  1. Have a concise and straightforward interface
  2. Correctly and completely implement the useful subset of the required behavior*
  3. Provide complete documentation for each exported symbol
  4. Be sufficiently tested to provide confidence in the implementation

* This means read the RFC before you start writing the code

Some examples of on-topic features include:

#Language features

  • Memory allocation
  • High-level string manipulation (e.g. concat, replace, split)
  • High-level slice manipulation (e.g. sort)
  • Test harness and testing support code


  • Hare lexing, parsing (and unparsing), and type checking
  • Stack unwinding

#Operating system interface

  • I/O support
  • Filesystem access
  • Sockets

#Useful algorithms

  • Sorting, searching
  • Cryptography
  • Hashing
  • Compression
  • Date & time support
  • Regex

#Useful formats & protocols

  • Internet protocol suite
  • tar, zip, cpio
  • MIME, RFC 2822


See also the Hare style guide

  1. Tagged unions should be written from most to least common case, which generally puts the error cases last.
  2. Prefer to design APIs which avoid allocation if it can be done without being at the expense of good API design.
  3. Whatever the semantics, document the allocation and lifetime behaviors and expectations of each function to which they apply.