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150 files changed, 12481 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M .build.yml
A ascii/ctype.ha
A ascii/strcmp.ha
A bufio/buffered.ha
A bufio/dynamic.ha
A bufio/fixed.ha
A bytes/contains.ha
A bytes/copy.ha
A bytes/equal.ha
A bytes/index.ha
A bytes/reverse.ha
A bytes/tokenize.ha
A crypto/math/bits.ha
A crypto/random/+linux.ha
A crypto/random/random.ha
A crypto/sha256/+test.ha
A crypto/sha256/sha256.ha
A dirs/xdg.ha
A encoding/hex/hex.ha
A encoding/utf8/decode.ha
A encoding/utf8/encode.ha
A encoding/utf8/rune.ha
A endian/big.ha
A endian/endian.ha
A endian/host+aarch64.ha
A endian/host+x86_64.ha
A endian/little.ha
A fmt/fmt.ha
A format/elf/types.ha
A fs/fs.ha
A fs/types.ha
A fs/util.ha
A getopt/getopts.ha
A hare/ast/types.ha
A hare/ast/unparse.ha
A hare/lex/+test.ha
A hare/lex/lex.ha
A hare/lex/token.ha
A hare/module/context.ha
A hare/module/scan.ha
A hare/module/types.ha
A hare/parse/+test.ha
A hare/parse/parse.ha
A hare/parse/types.ha
A hare/parse/util.ha
A hash/fnv/fnv.ha
A hash/hash.ha
A io/+test/copy.ha
A io/+test/limit.ha
A io/+test/stream.ha
A io/+test/strings.ha
A io/arch+aarch64.ha
A io/arch+x86_64.ha
A io/copy.ha
A io/limit.ha
A io/println.ha
A io/stream.ha
A io/strings.ha
A io/tee.ha
A io/types.ha
A math/random/random.ha
A os/+linux/dirfdfs.ha
A os/+linux/environ.ha
A os/+linux/errors.ha
A os/+linux/exit.ha
A os/+linux/fdstream.ha
A os/+linux/fs.ha
A os/+linux/open.ha
A os/+linux/stdfd.ha
A os/exec/+linux.ha
A os/exec/cmd+linux.ha
A os/exec/cmd.ha
A os/exec/process+linux.ha
A os/exec/types.ha
A os/fs.ha
A os/stdfd.ha
A path/+linux.ha
A path/iter.ha
A path/join.ha
A path/names.ha
A path/util.ha
A rt/+aarch64/jmp.ha
A rt/+aarch64/longjmp.s
A rt/+aarch64/restore.s
A rt/+aarch64/setjmp.s
A rt/+linux/+aarch64.ha
A rt/+linux/+x86_64.ha
A rt/+linux/abort.ha
A rt/+linux/env.ha
A rt/+linux/errno.ha
A rt/+linux/segmalloc.ha
A rt/+linux/signal.ha
A rt/+linux/start+aarch64.s
A rt/+linux/start+x86_64.s
A rt/+linux/start.ha
A rt/+linux/stat.ha
A rt/+linux/syscall+aarch64.s
A rt/+linux/syscall+x86_64.s
A rt/+linux/syscallno+aarch64.ha
A rt/+linux/syscallno+x86_64.ha
A rt/+linux/syscalls.ha
A rt/+linux/types.ha
A rt/+test/+linux.ha
A rt/+test/abort.ha
A rt/+test/cstring.ha
A rt/+test/start.ha
A rt/+test/ztos.ha
A rt/+x86_64/jmp.ha
A rt/+x86_64/longjmp.s
A rt/+x86_64/restore.s
A rt/+x86_64/setjmp.s
A rt/ensure.ha
A rt/hare.sc
A rt/jmp.ha
A rt/malloc.ha
A rt/memcpy.ha
A rt/memset.ha
A rt/start.ha
A rt/strcmp.ha
A slice/reverse.ha
A sort/+test.ha
A sort/search.ha
A strconv/+test/stoi.ha
A strconv/+test/stou.ha
A strconv/itos.ha
A strconv/numeric.ha
A strconv/stoi.ha
A strconv/stou.ha
A strconv/types.ha
A strconv/utos.ha
A strings/concat.ha
A strings/contains.ha
A strings/cstrings.ha
A strings/dup.ha
A strings/index.ha
A strings/iter.ha
A strings/sub.ha
A strings/suffix.ha
A strings/tokenize.ha
A strings/utf8.ha
A strio/dynamic.ha
A strio/fixed.ha
A strio/ops.ha
A temp/+linux.ha
A types/arch+aarch64.ha
A types/arch+x86_64.ha
A types/classes.ha
A types/limits.ha
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