catch up with stdlib ed25519 key name changes
fix: rename cmpslice to eqslice
Makefile: fix install target
client_keyexch: tuple destructuring
ssh-agent: use net::socket and net::close

Signed-off-by: Sebastian <sebastian@sebsite.pw>
net::ssh: use correct server key for kex
kex: improve exchash generation
kex: finish key exchange
net::ssh: add more constants
Partially implement curve25519-sha256 kex
Set up client write framework
net::ssh: allocate initial client wbuf
Initial kex foundations
cmd/ssh: remove obsolete function call
net::ssh: add new_kexinit

Probably to be removed later
Order cipher suites et al by preference
net::ssh: initial cipher & kex infra
net::ssh: separate client & server MAC
net::ssh: further simplify client_read
net::ssh: improve max message length handling