Fix ncommits <= 0
Fix commentary not making it to the final email
Implement send-email helper UI
Add a build manifest for Debian packaging
Prevent suspended users from pushing
Update last_used value on ssh key on auth

Calls the api to update the last_used field on the ssh key
used for authentication.
Updates per centered redesign
Lay groundwork for push performance improvements
Don't exit on validation errors -_-
Fix autocreation path
Cache keys when fetching from fallback
Improve performance of git push
Fix repo deletion with active webhooks
Use srht.flask.session instead of flask.session
Show indicator if repo is unlisted/private
Fix unbound local when fetching log of empty repo
Fix tree path traversal for repo tree API endpoint

Take the path parameter into account by traversing the given tree with
the given path from lookup_ref() in repo_tree_GET().
Add color option to annotations
Only fetch annotations when using cold cache
Scope annotations to a repo ID