setup.py: add graphql bits
API: update gql.sr.ht
API: update GraphQL explorer page
1c781aac — Yasar 8 days ago
git.sr.ht: document outgoing-domain config option
API: Move cursor & filter models into gql.sr.ht
API: return nil if HEAD reference does not exist
gitsrht-keys: upgrade scm.sr.ht
API: refactor logic out into gql.sr.ht module
API: Add basic instrumentation
API: move recover function into separate file
API: handle pq cancellation errors gracefully
API: gracefully handle context errors
API: send emails with details of recovered panics
API: gracefully handle cursor w/count <= 0

It just sets these to the default of 25 instead.
API: permit more kinds of "*" OAuth scopes
API: Require scopes="*" on OAuth tokens for auth
API: add authentication via login cookie
alpine.yml: restart API & webhooks on deploy
API: swap Authentication header for Authorization

Per OAuth 2 spec
API: move to upstream gqlgen

My bugfixes were merged