accessibility: improve contrast of diffs
accessibility improvements following core changes
Add LibreJS license indicators
api: always pass filename to send_file

Flask will raise a TypeError if the None branch of this condition was
Revert mistaken overcorrection from last commit

This render_template paramter *should* be the repo object.
Fix git_user formatting
Use repo name in URL construction, not repo object
Parse git user from dispatch string
Use application/x-octet-stream for binary blobs
blueprints/repo.py: import redirect from flask
refs.html: Rename ref -> refname

To avoid shadowing the earlier variable
Fix pygit2 1.0 errors with refs
Fix readme resolution
Fix compatibility issues with pygit2 1.x

pygit2 1.x+ repurposed the tree entry type field to an integer, and
moved the old behavior to type_str. This patch adds compatibility with
both pygit2 versions 0.x and 1.x.
Upgrade to Alpine 3.11
Go bits: parse Redis host as a URL
Fix go imports for gitsrht-keys
Exit when failing to read config file in gitsrht-keys
Make gitsrht-keys use srht-keys module from scm.sr.ht

Only the main() is kept and it uses srhtkeys's functions.
Add placeholder route for go get