0.1.9 4 years ago

git-send-email.io 0.1.9

Drew DeVault (2):
      Add link to git-rebase.io
      Pin builds to Alpine 3.10

Francis Dinh (1):
      Optimize images

Hans Brigman (1):
      Check new_lines value to validate patch

James Rowe (1):
      Allow Unicode curly quote in stage 1 message

Matt Critchlow (1):
      Document smtpserveroption in Configuration

Matthew Jorgensen (1):
      Revise global git configuration file mentions

Merlin Büge (1):
      Add example of how to cache the smtp password

Nedzad Hrnjica (1):
      Display page properly when viewing from mobile.

Nolan Prescott (1):
      Update OpenBSD requirements

Paco Esteban (1):
      OpenBSD needs p5-Authen-SASL.

Phil Rukin (1):
      Use short sha hash in step 5

Ricardo Wurmus (1):
      Add Guix instructions and logo.

Robert Günzler (1):
      Add Solus install instructions and logo

Robert Vollmert (1):
      Remark on possibly missing SSL modules on macos.

Scott Stevenson (1):
      Fix typo in local SMTP client instructions

curiousleo (1):
      Fix typo: comprhensive -> comprehensive