0.1.14 3 months ago

git-send-email.io 0.1.14

Arnavion (1):
      Change Fastmail config to use implicit TLS instead of STARTTLS.

Bernhard Rosenkränzer (1):
      Add OpenMandriva

Brian Clemens (1):
      Add Rocky Linux

Daniel Jones (1):
      Add missing styles for Fastmail accordion

John Gabriele (1):
      Added Fastmail config info

Piotr Masłowski (1):
      Add missing 'is'

Simon Ser (1):
      Use direct TLS by default, add hints for STARTTLS

bzqlcp (1):
      Fix meaning of "Sign off"

ckie (2):
      Make Nix install instructions fully comprehensive
      Note systems with sendmail setup needn't be configured