Remove --in-reply-to recommendations
19120195 — Karol Kosek 1 year, 6 months ago
Wrap <pre> tags
Generalize instructions for local SMTP clients

Signed-off-by: Brian Clemens <brian@tiuxo.com>
Modify css to work better on small screens

On small screens (ie. less than 710px wide), the text currently displays
in front of the background image. This commit changes it so that the
white container div has a minimum width of 708px, keeping it in front
of the background on these smaller screens. It should have no inpact on
wider screens. Ideally, we would have the minimum width instead be
'min-content', but that is not supported by Microsoft Edge and according
to MDN it is "an experimental API that should not be used in production

The only downside is that on steps other than the first one, it would be
okay for screen widths between 616px and 710px, but this seems
outweighed by the value of having the first step look good. A solution
for this scenario would be to have the Arch Linux installation command
broken on to two lines.
Improve macOS instructions to discuss various ways of installing git

Apple's git is reasonably up-to-date (2.17 from 2018), so it should be
okay to recommend it, and it's installed along with the developer tools
which are required to build anything for macOS, so most users will
already have it installed.
Put Hi {{from}}! on its own line in replies
Fix prev/next buttons on mobile
93873e22 — Konrad Beckmann 1 year, 6 months ago
Change to sendemail.smtpPass in the gmail guide
Make steps linkable

The :target pseudo-selector matches elements whose id matches the hash
part of the URL. We can use this like the radio box trick to hide parts
of the page, with the added bonus that direct links and the back/forward
buttons in the browser work. Additionally, the browser will always
scroll to the top of the linked element (but not the top of the page).

The default step (step-1) unfortunately has to come last now in the HTML
so that we can hide it with the sibling selector (~) if other steps
are active.
c1567a39 — Francis Dinh 1 year, 6 months ago
Add Void Linux logo and install instructions
Compress openbsd.png
Add OpenBSD instructions and assets
Add charset=utf8 to css
Update stage-1-success reply
Add From header to replies
Add logging for when no response is needed
Use reply["Cc"] for copying list
Fix CC'ing sender, wrong reply name
Decode message bodies before parsing as patch