432236a1 — Bernhard Rosenkränzer 3 months ago master 0.1.14
Add OpenMandriva
Add missing 'is'

Fixes: 31692ee6 ("Initial commit")
953db992 — Arnavion 6 months ago
Change Fastmail config to use implicit TLS instead of STARTTLS.

Fastmail supports implicit TLS so there is no reason to use STARTTLS.
cbde57f2 — Brian Clemens 8 months ago
Add Rocky Linux
Add missing styles for Fastmail accordion
Note systems with sendmail setup needn't be configured
Make Nix install instructions fully comprehensive
Added Fastmail config info
Fix meaning of "Sign off"
Use direct TLS by default, add hints for STARTTLS

In general it's better to use direct TLS connections. Default to
direct TLS in our example Git config.

Add a hint about STARTTLS, because (1) some old providers may still
not have direct TLS and (2) the Git smtpencryption option is very
Bump Alpine version
Ditch pystache
.builds/python.yml: upgrade to Alpine 3.13
Use pages.sr.ht for deploy
Add warning for protonmail users
Fix mailing list name in stage-2-success

The surrounding text was telling to write to sr.ht-discuss but the given
list is public-inbox.
Add clear instructions on how to contribute to git-send-email.io
Update Gmail-specific instruction

It is not possible to use regular SMTP with login and password for
Google accounts without enabled two-factor authentication[1]. App
passwords page just says "The setting you are looking for is not
available for your account" is such case.

[1] https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833
Update support email address to sr.ht-discuss