Use pages.sr.ht for deploy
Add warning for protonmail users
Fix mailing list name in stage-2-success

The surrounding text was telling to write to sr.ht-discuss but the given
list is public-inbox.
Add clear instructions on how to contribute to git-send-email.io
Update Gmail-specific instruction

It is not possible to use regular SMTP with login and password for
Google accounts without enabled two-factor authentication[1]. App
passwords page just says "The setting you are looking for is not
available for your account" is such case.

[1] https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833
Update support email address to sr.ht-discuss
0086e720 — rothair 8 months ago
docs: improve Protonmail instructions

Setting up git send-email with the Protonmail Bridge requires disabling
SSL verification with the Protonmail Bridge, so we add this
documentation to help out new users.
Update information about Protonmail

* index.html: mention Protonmail Bridge.
Make the output of step 4.4 closer to what users actually see

Mentioning src/main.c with a diff that is different than what the user
will experience when following the tutorial caused my OCD alarm to go
.builds: alpine 3.11
1770309e — tastytea 10 months ago
Set default text color to black.

“background-color” is set in several places without a corresponding
ef270bb5 — Milkey Mouse 11 months ago
Fix typo in email tutorial success message
Add whitespace to smtpserveroption for example consistency
Remove exclamation points from echo commands

The echo commands in step 3 may not work as expected for users who are
not aware of Bash history expansion.

Bash adds a dquote continuation line:
echo "I'm about to try git send-email!" >your-name

Omitting the bang works:
echo "I'm about to try git send-email" >your-name

Also works without double quotes:
echo I\'m about to try git send-email! >your-name
echo Im about to try git send-email! >your-name
echo 'Im about to try git send-email!' >your-name

Signed-off-by: Brendon Smith <br3ndonland@protonmail.com>
.builds: update to alpine 3.11
Check new_lines value to validate patch

Looks like lib2git includes the optional/conditional 'No newline at
end of file' line within the lines collection of the hunk, which could
throw off the new line count.  So rather than that, try checking the
new_lines value to make sure that is 1.

One can see how this scenario is causing the test to fail with the
following patches


Allow Unicode curly quote in stage 1 message

For those of us who created their file in a text editor which magically
uses Unicode quotes in prose.
1d3eecfe — Merlin Büge 1 year, 5 months ago
Add example of how to cache the smtp password
Pin builds to Alpine 3.10
b4ba4ed0 — Robert Vollmert 1 year, 10 months ago
Remark on possibly missing SSL modules on macos.

As far as I can tell, the Developer Tools-bundled git/perl generally
is missing these modules. I believe that command worked for me, but
it would be good to verify on a fresh system.