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                  The <code>gitAndTools.gitFull</code> package from the NixOS
                  channel includes the git email tools. Run this to install it:
                  <a href="https://search.nixos.org/packages?type=packages&query=gitFull"><code>gitFull</code></a>
                  package includes the git email tools.
                  To install it imperatively, run:
                <pre>nix-env -iA nixos.gitFull</pre>
                  Alternatively, to install it declaratively, add:
                <pre>programs.git.package = pkgs.gitFull;</pre>
                  to <code>configuration.nix</code>, or
                  <code>home.nix</code> if you use home-manager.
                  Make sure <code>programs.git.enable</code> is enabled.
                <pre>nix-env -iA nixos.gitAndTools.gitFull</pre>
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