godostston: use global input for interactive move
Validate move serials with seat
Rig up interactive move operations
Convert WlrSurfaceState to a Reference
Add wlr_data_device_manager
Implement WlrSeat::pointer_notify_button
Initial pass on WlrSeat support
Add godotston example compositor
Add WlrXdgSurface map/unmap signals
DRY up wayland global nodes
Rig up wlr_xdg_toplevel_* functions
Pin WlrXdg{Toplevel,Popup} instances to wlr_xdg_*
Rig up WlrXdgToplevel with some signals/methods
Rig up WlrXdgSurface role-related methods
Implement WlrGLES2Texture::wlr_texture_write_pixels
Use internal Godot headers for GLES2
Add WlrXdgSurface destroyed signal

So users can gracefully clean up their surfaces.
Add get_geometry, get_wlr_surface to WlrXdgSurface
Rig up WlrGLES2Texture::has_alpha
Fix GL_BGRA_EXT pixel format issues