Remove debug drawing
Move threeston into VR
Check in generated wayland protocols
Fix positioning of new windows

Setting scale overrides a great deal of transform-related properties on
the scene in its parent
Set scale to 2, spawn windows in front of player
gdwlroots: add surface_enter and output scale
Remove debug drawing code
threeston: initial commit
Updates for wlroots 0.6.0
godotston: send keyboard events to clients
Rig up WlrKeyboard and WlrSeat events
keycode_map: add hacks to work around Godot issues
Add wlr_keyboard module

This module transparently gobbles up godot input events and re-publishes
them from a wlr_keyboard, which you can attach to a seat.
Add mapping of godot->eudev scancodes
Flesh out WlrXdgToplevelState
Handle pointer events for subsurfaces/popups
Render popups & subsurfaces
Rig up remaining XdgToplevel listeners & signals