Fix 'Donate again'

- Make it work with latest version of Stripe
Update requirements.txt

Add SQLAlchemy
Recapitalize SQLAlchemy-Utils to conform with PyPi styling
Remove unused import
Adds missing dependency to requirements.txt
Fuck that one guy
yeet pystache
Update README to reflect IRC's move to libera

Signed-off-by: Alyssa Rosenzweig <alyssa@rosenzweig.io>
Fix a signal bug on python post 3.8 version

The signal can only be used on the main thread and not the flask sub
process one.

Signed-off-by: Reed Wade <reedwade@misterbanal.net>
Add a the missing internal error template

Signed-off-by: Reed Wade <reedwade@misterbanal.net>
Update github.com URLs to git.sr.ht
Use the configured currency during the cronjob

currently hardcoded to USD, if you have this configured to something
else, you will charge in USD during subscriptions even if you have a
different currency set in config.ini.

this makes it consistent with the behaviour in fosspay/blueprints/html.py
have Makefile `cp -r` the _static contents

with the inclusion of jquery and boostrap, Makefile exits on build
because _static now contains directories.
Merge pull request #16 from Perflyst/remove-cdn

Remove CDN and use local files
Merge pull request #19 from Perflyst/patch-1

Rename old SirCmpwn to ddevault
Merge pull request #18 from Perflyst/10-example-domain

Change example domains to example.org
931b36db — Perflyst 4 years ago
Rename old SirCmpwn to ddevault
10fb960d — Perflyst 4 years ago
Change example domains to example.org
8a53c9b7 — Perflyst 4 years ago
Remove CDN and use local files
c44ad443 — Amolith 4 years ago
assign gh_user variable if api token not present