generate.yml: use alpine stable
Pin lighthouse to known-good version
generate.yml: ensure /usr/local/bin is in PATH
Move url to end of lighthouse command
Correct lighthouse CLI usage

Following an upstream breaking change
Updates folllowing lighthouse breaking changes
Update patchset discussion pages

Per feedback from a GitLab employee, I've updated these to all replicate
the same discussion on the same patchset.
Clarify how network conditions are controlled for
SourceHut has a blame view now
Fix format string for generation timestamp
spec.yml: remove GitHub from worst case blame results
Add Pagure testing
spec.yml: add Bitbucket issue tracker links
spec.yml: fix a few typos
Fix errors in template
index.css: add padding around <th>

Improves layout on narrow screens
Improve error handling further

Assigns a score of 0 to errorneous cases
More mobile improvements
Wrap individual result tables in .table
Mobile layout improvements