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3aff412aDrew DeVault Furthermore 2 months ago

#layout: page title: You should make a blog!

I would like to see more people writing about their passions and thoughts in a permanent and public medium. You should make a blog!

This is an open offer to pay anyone $20 for starting a tech blog and writing their first article. If you write another 3 articles within 6 months, I'll give you another $20. You can also choose to have me donate your reward to one of the following charitable organizations:

Send me an email to claim your reward, with a link to your blog and PayPal information (or the charitable organization of your choice).

This offer is closed, as the budget has been expended. Keep an eye out, it will likely reopen later.


  • This offer is only available to people who do not already have a blog.
  • You must publish on an open-source platform. Medium is not allowed. If you want a hosted platform, I recommend write.as. If you're technical, you could build your own blog with Jekyll or Hugo. GitHub offers free hosting for Jekyll-based blogs.
  • There's no minimum word count, but put the effort in. Use exactly as many words are as necessary to make a substantive point, no fewer and no more.

Join the Free Writers Club mailing list for updates, reminders to keep writing, and a forum for supporting each other's work.

#Read these blogs

Here's a list of blogs which have taken me up on this offer, roughly sorted from most to least active:

Now-defunct blogs:

  • depsterr
  • Jebikoh
  • Tech Monk
  • Joel's Blog
  • Zack Lofgren