Update foot.ini
foot.ini: add url cancel binding
Add .tridactylrc
bin/xdg-open: set browser to firefox
bin/lineno: simplify script
.env: set TERM to xterm
qutebrowser: update quickmarks
foot: misc updates
aerc: fix merge errors in binds.conf
sway-run: update TERM
Further refine color scheme
all: change color scheme

I have not had a new color scheme in a long time, we'll see how this one
holds up.
foot.ini: change URL launching keybind
switch $TERM to foot
sway-run: set XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=sway
submit-build: update token name
paste: update token variable name
vimrc: add cscope riggings, update ctrlp
.profile: bump HISTSIZE, tell Google to fuck off