Update sway configs
Update qutebrowser config
Add bin/colorpick
.profile: Add ~/bin/$(uname -m) to PATH
Add arch-specific prompt binary
Update prompt.go
semver: fix detection of master branch
semver: git pull before tagging
semver: fix mistake
semver: fix syntax error
semver: warn if no _incr_version script
In the face of tremendous measures to prevent this,

I continue to find novel ways to fuck up releases every fucking time.
homura: add Intuos Pro tablet config
qutebrowser: remove sr.ht from js whitelist
mpv: use waylandvk gpu-context
fish: use universal prompt
bin: update prompt, semver, submit-build
semver: abort if _incr_version fails
Update bin/semver to read script from contrib/
sway: add config-debug