xdg-open: open PDFs with zathura; don't use system
stewdio: use mp3 stream
qutebrowser: update bookmarks
mpv: add subsecond timings to UI
git: drop temporary config setting

Was using this to test a patch to git upstream.
alacritty: set default term size to 80x24

Whose idea was it upstream to set the default to 100x30, of all things?
vimrc: update ctrlp plugin upstream
aerc: add sourcehut patchset update headers
aerc: add quoted_thanks template
git: set defaultBranch master

They're going to change the default and it's not worth breaking my shit.
mpv: force ytdl playlist
.vimrc: add gemtext config
.profile: source host-specific profile
.env: add gmnlm alias
qutebrowser: ditch old bookmarks
sway: move wallpaper to ~/pictures
mpv: set gpu-context=wayland
bin/sycli: use system sycli
sway-run: don't set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR to /tmp
bin/srht: wayland support; simplify