.vimrc: add gemtext config
.profile: source host-specific profile
.env: add gmnlm alias
qutebrowser: ditch old bookmarks
sway: move wallpaper to ~/pictures
mpv: set gpu-context=wayland
bin/sycli: use system sycli
sway-run: don't set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR to /tmp
bin/srht: wayland support; simplify
.profile: add .env, disable GOPROXY
sway: add taiga config
sway: update swaylock bindings
.env: busybox ls alias; 'ls -ltch' alias
qutebrowser: devtools keybinding & download loc
mutt: update IMAP & SMTP server
.git/config: update SMTP server
alacritty: drop obsolete options
aerc: ditch html filter
Update custom_statusbar