e4b9f89a — √Čloi Rivard 10 months ago
Define 'make' program via an environment variable
Update webhooks documentation
Update to use core.sr.ht's get_origin
Convert PR number to string in env
Populate environment with useful info from GitHub
Fix githubloginrequired wrapper
It's called "GithubException"
Fix auth exceptions from revoked tokens
Update index, use new CSRF bypass strategy
Alpine build.yml: master: user@host
Clean up build manifests
Remove xz from Alpine builds
Fix path to pkgkit on Alpine
Add Alpine deploy, update Arch Linux PKGBUILD
Add Alpine Linux build
Update setup.py to be more portable
Link to GitHub HTML page in the build note

The previous URL was linking to the API instead.
Handle errors completing builds
Handle 404's from GitHub on creating status