Tasks: use builds hostname in context
Upgrade to Alpine 3.11
Improve config.example.ini
Fix missing import from previous change
Use internal authorization for builds.sr.ht submit
Updates for single-sign-on support
Handle case where GitHub repo has been deleted
Update config.example.ini with GitLab details
Default gitlab integration to false
setup.py: add gitlab module
Fix up .builds/alpine.yml
Support running builds.sr.ht CI for GitLab commits
github/auth.py -> github/common.py
Generalize build submission
Add a build manifest for Debian packaging
Support forks with a different repository name

Prepend the source url with a $orig_dir:: to indicate to the
builds.sr.ht worker, how the repository directory should be called.
Update Arch Linux package signing key
Fix URL rewriting to use SSH url for private repos
Pin builds to alpine 3.9
Add support for secrets to private repos PRs