6b664bf2fce692d0673dbbc627c801598f922142 — Drew DeVault 9 months ago 8b9e4e8
Update config.example.ini with GitLab details
1 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M config.example.ini
M config.example.ini => config.example.ini +14 -0
@@ 79,6 79,20 @@ oauth-client-secret=

# If truthy, Gitlab support will be enabled.
# Which Gitlab instance (usually gitlab.com) to treat as the canonical Gitlab
# instance. Other instances are supported, but this is suggested as the default.
# Each gitlab instance supported by dispatch.sr.ht can be added here. The key
# should be the FQDN of the Gitlab instance in question, and the value should
# be the instance name, OAuth application ID and secret, separated by a colon.
# gitlab.com=GitLab:application id:secret