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Small, portable ACME client [DO NOT USE]
Add better logging in dnsproc write* fail
Add comms[com] to readbuf malloc failure


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deacme is a fork of OpenBSD's acme-client. It's an ACME client, specifically for Let's Encrypt, written in C with minimal dependencies (namely libcurl and openssl).

Warning: this code is currently untested and no stable release is available.

#Notes on fork

The following changes have been made from upstream:

  • libressl has been replaced with openssl
  • the in-house HTTP implementation has been replaced with libcurl
  • libbsd has been removed in favor of POSIX compliance

Optional non-portable sandboxing support for various platforms is written, but untested and not included by default. If you test them and they work, send me an email about it.


Sources use the ISC (like OpenBSD) license. See the LICENSE.md file for details.

The jsmn.c and jsmn.h files use the MIT license. See https://github.com/zserge/jsmn for details.

Portions of util-portable.c taken from musl libc, which uses the MIT license.

#Bugs? Patches?

Send patches to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht and file tickets here.