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nice(1) "ctools"


nice - run a process with an altered niceness value


*nice* [-n _incr_] _command_ [_args_...]


*nice* runs _command_ (with optional _args_) with the niceness adjusted
relative to the current niceness.

Note that on systems where ctools has been compiled without XSI support, *nice*
will run _command_ without setting the niceness.


*-n* _incr_
	Specify _incr_ as an integer representing the amount to adjust the
	niceness by, positive or negative. The default adjustement is 10.


This command is part of ctools and is compatible with POSIX-1.2017, and may
optionally support XSI extensions. This man page is not intended to be a
complete reference, and where it disagrees with the specification, the
specification takes precedence.