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ctools(1) "ctools"


ctools - core tools


*ctools* provides the *core tools* of a POSIX-1.2017-compatible operating
system, with optional XSI support. These tools provide the core utilities
necessary for a useful scripting environment and a comfortable interactive
shell environment. These tools are used for tasks such as:

- Manipulating and examining the filesystem
- Operations on text files, strings, and paths
- Managing processes on the system


*ctools* provides the following tools:

|[ *basename*(1)
:< Print the filename part of a pathname
|  *cat*(1)
:  Concatenate files
|  *chgrp*(1)
:  Change group ownership of files
|  *chmod*(1)
:  Change the mode of files
|  *chown*(1)
:  Change ownership of files
|  *cksum*(1)
:  Calculate the cyclic redundancy check (CRC) for files
|  *cmp*(1)
:  Compare two files
|  *comm*(1)
:  Compare two sorted files
|  *false*(1)
:  Exit with status code 1
|  *link*(1)
:  Create a hard link
|  *logname*(1)
:  Print the name of the login user
|  *nice*(1)
:  Run a process with an altered niceness value
|  *true*(1)
:  Exit with status code 0
|  *tty*(1)
:  Print the name of the controlling tty
|  *uname*(1)
:  Print the name(s) of the system
|  *unlink*(1)
:  Unlink a file

Detailed information about each tool is available in its respective manual.


Most commands adhere to a few common conventions, which are explained here and
only mentioned in each utility's manual if its behavior differs from these


Most tools conform to the XBD Utility Syntax Guidelines. Their usage takes the
form of:

	*command* [-options...] [--] [_argument_...]

In the manual, [ ] is used to indicate optional parameters, and ... is used to
indicate parameters which may be repeated. Command names are shown in *bold*
and _underscored_ text is to be replaced with a value of the user's choosing.
Text with no styling is to be used literally.

The command may accept optional (or mandatory) options, which are preceeded
with a dash ("-") and are one character in length. If an option accepts a
value, the value may be specified immediately following it (e.g. -ovalue) or as
the next parameter (e.g. -o value). Options which do not accept a value may be
specified together (e.g. -abc). An option which accepts a value may also be
specified as the last of several options (e.g. -abcovalue, specifying -abc and
\-ovalue together).

The first non-option parameter indicates the start of the arguments, and each
following parameters is considered such as well. A "--" parameter may also be
used to signal the end of options, allowing the following parameter to begin
with "-" and be interpreted an argument.


Unless otherwise specified, all commands will exit with status code *0* on
success or a value *>0* on error.


Unless otherwise specified, all programs use _stdin_ for input, _stdout_ for
output, and _stderr_ to communicate diagnostic messages.


*ctools* provides POSIX-1.2017-compatible "base utilities" with optional
support for the XSI option. This man page is not intended to be a complete
reference, and where it disagrees with the specification, the specification
takes precedence.  The *at*(1), *batch*(1), and *crontab*(1) commands are also
optional, and may not be present on your system.

A shell (*sh*(1)) is not provided by *ctools*.

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@@ 3,6 3,7 @@ sh = find_program('sh', native: true)
mandir = get_option('mandir')

man_files = [
	# Section 1

@@ 19,6 20,8 @@ man_files = [
	# Section 7

foreach page : man_files

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@@ 63,7 63,8 @@ foreach prog : oneshots
	executable(prog, ['src/' + prog + '.c'])

scdoc = dependency('scdoc', native: true, required: get_option('man-pages'))
scdoc = dependency('scdoc', native: true, required: get_option('man-pages'),
	version: '>=1.10.0')
if scdoc.found()