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Delegate RTL direction handling to user-agents.

Check unicode RTL attrs for html content.

Reset global text-align.
Add dark theme support code
Fix alignment and sizing of header anchor tags

- Switch to `inherit` for font-size to allow the achor to change as the
  font-size of the anchor changes
- Switch to relative spacing so that the position change also adjusts
  with header text size.
- Remove margin rule that appeared to be causing issues aligning the
  header properly.
Space out images in markdown headings

Implementation by ~gildarts, as seen on sr.ht-discuss@:
consult that thread for rationale
c6f30c97 — Vasilij Schneidermann 11 months ago
Align header items on baseline with margin
Remove anchor link animation depending on prefers-reduced-mortion media query
Add bare anchor tag for header link
Limit select styles to affect single-select only
Space out headers in markdown content

I have noticed that markdown headers are really close to each other.
Personally, I think they look much better with just a bit of extra space
added at the top to separate them.

Here you can see a screenshot of the different:

Current situation: https://i.imgur.com/Hs4jeR8.png
With extra spacing: https://i.imgur.com/tS5KahL.png
Overhaul site navigation
Add .table styles to markdown tables
Improve accessibility & usability of global design

- Improve contrast on all page elements
- Add underlines to links
- Add hover states over actionable elements (e.g. tabs)
get_authorization: fix use with LocalProxy
Improve appearance of .btn-danger
Bump base font size
New centered layout
Fix white-space on events
Stop event tabs from overflowing
Add progress bars to bootstrap loadout
Move man.sr.ht-specific h4 style out of core.sr.ht