BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFuck bootstrap's dumb pink <code> coloringDrew DeVault7 days
0.18.7core.sr.ht-0.18.7.tar.xz  Drew DeVault7 days
0.18.6core.sr.ht-0.18.6.tar.xz  Drew DeVault7 days
0.18.5core.sr.ht-0.18.5.tar.xz  Drew DeVault7 days
0.18.4core.sr.ht-0.18.4.tar.xz  Drew DeVault12 days
0.18.3core.sr.ht-0.18.3.tar.xz  Drew DeVault12 days
0.18.2core.sr.ht-0.18.2.tar.xz  Drew DeVault13 days
0.18.1core.sr.ht-0.18.1.tar.xz  Drew DeVault14 days
0.18.0core.sr.ht-0.18.0.tar.xz  Drew DeVault14 days
0.17.0core.sr.ht-0.17.0.tar.xz  Drew DeVault14 days
0.16.0core.sr.ht-0.16.0.tar.xz  Drew DeVault2 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysFuck bootstrap's dumb pink <code> coloringHEAD0.18.7masterDrew DeVault
7 daysTweak <code> style0.18.6Drew DeVault
7 daysAdd disabled state to nav tabs0.18.5Drew DeVault
11 daysUpdate .build.yml with new repo URLDrew DeVault
12 daysDon't linkify text in <pre> and <code>0.18.4Drew DeVault
12 dayssrht/markdown.py: added Linkify bleach filter0.18.3Mykyta Holubakha
13 daysEnable horizontal rules in markdown0.18.2Drew DeVault
14 daysFix @loginrequired0.18.1Drew DeVault
14 daysFinish moving OAuth login code into srht0.18.0Drew DeVault
14 daysAdd built-in flask-login support0.17.0Drew DeVault
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