fa510a62 — György Kurucz 6 months ago master
Implement tap gesture.
a31ea89f — György Kurucz 6 months ago
Change everything to use float, add vec2 functions.
e8a71dc0 — György Kurucz 6 months ago
Fix bad logic in wl_seat_capabilities.
2b266bb9 — György Kurucz 6 months ago
Fix upside-down icons, implement scaling.
01cafa6c — György Kurucz 6 months ago
Implement kinetic scrolling
3e438f2b — Tom Lebreux 11 months ago
Fix last_x -> last_y typo

Signed-off-by: Tom Lebreux <tomlebreux@cock.li>
Remove unnecessary statements
Render icons with OpenGL :D
Add libdrm dependency to meson.build
Lower gesture completion threshold 25%
Set minimum animation duration

This throttles user input to make things feel a bit better, and
finishes the animation if the user finishes their gesture before it
Add cairo prerendering and shaders compilation
Four column layout
Make drawer open state use darker background
When opened, stay open, and implement close
Render grid of "icons"
Render background with respect to progress
Complete buffer deallocation
Complete buffer allocation
Better separation of concerns
EGL/GLES/linux-dmabuf initialization