Add missing python3-distutils
Alpine: drop deprecated versions
images/guix: do not install nss-certs explicitly

...since it is already included in %base-packages and Guix will complain
about having both entries at the same time.
images/guix: use official --image-size functionality

This patch removes the "resize2fs" dance replacing it with the official
--image-size flag for "guix system image" command. Removed hack did not
always work consistently:
* /dev/nbd{0,1} partitions sometimes were swapped making sfdisk command
* sometimes resize2fs would complain about unsupported feature

I've tested the change locally and did not have any problems with the image
generation or while using the image.
alpine: add 3.20

Signed-off-by: fossdd <fossdd@pwned.life>
0fd0a4f6 — Baptiste Daroussin a month ago
image/freebsd: use makefs

Instead of playing with newfs, mdconfig, and various mountpoints
Directly create the filesystem with the makefs(1) command.

While here cleanup packages cache (this shrinks the size of the image)
and switch to git-lite
f8f060cf — Baptiste Daroussin a month ago
image/freebsd: fix building on different version

When building the image on a version of FreeBSD which is not identical
as the target one, pkg prevents installing packages except of

on builds.sr.ht images are built can be built on any available version
of FreeBSD, not only the latest current.

While here, remove the tests packages which corresponds to the unit
tests of for the OS itselfs, which we don't need in a CI.

Prefer explicit command line option -y over the environement variable

Remove the ports tree from the image

Fix gpt label
images/netbsd: Remove 8.x
images/netbsd: Add 10.x
images/netbsd: Update 9.x to 9.4

Starting with NetBSD 9.4, the default sshd_config uses UsePAM instead
of UsePam[0], so change the sed command to be case-insensitive.

[0] http://cvsweb.netbsd.org/bsdweb.cgi/src/crypto/external/bsd/openssh/dist/sshd_config.diff?r1=1.23&r2=1.24&f=h
archlinux/genimg: fix missing --noconfirm
archlinux: fix initramfs generation

The preset that mkinitcpio is called with is only generated by the hook
that is being disabled, so the initramfs cannot be generated.

Instead, re-install linux before disabling the hook, causing it to be
called once, generating both the preset file as well as running
mkinitcpio for us.
worker: do not include man.sr.ht in hut config

Hut currently does not support man.sr.ht and will choke on the generated
config stanza.
images/freebsd: remove myself from build failure notification CC
9b92048d — Baptiste Daroussin 5 months ago
image/freebsd: readd freebsd current

While at here convert the script to not depend anymore on snapshots
but depend but use the new pkgbase.

The packages for the bases system are published on a weekly basis
(every sunday at weekly on sunday at 12:00 UTC)

Use mkimg(1) to directly create the qcow2
1ccf6b14 — Jordan Anderson 2 months ago
Upgrade to OpenBSD 8.5
ubuntu/noble starts development
images/guix: increase VM RAM to 3GB

Unfortunately 2GB is not enough anymore to build Guix.
images/*: bump disk size to 24G across the board
Upgrade to Alpine 3.19