api: pass job owner to StartJobGroupUnsafe()

This allows it to make use of the index on `owner_id` in the `job`
table. Without this, the query it makes is prohibitively expensive. A
sample query analysis went from > 1800 ms without the index to < 1ms
when using the index.
Update core-go and pq (Postgres driver)
api: allow cancelling of orphaned jobs
Remove unused import of core.email

Its usage was removed in 4700325.
Add fedora/38 image and point fedora/rawhide to it

Fedora 37 is the current Fedora branched release and Rawhide is now 38.
ubuntu/kinetic released, ubuntu/lunar starts development
Fix rockylinux build error
openbsd: add 7.2
openbsd: Disable some unnecessary daemons
API: implement user account deletion
buildsrht: Use canonical user IDs

Update user IDs across builds.sr.ht to match those of meta.sr.ht.
api: upgrade gqlgen
when failing to clone a repository, include the used protocol

It fits decently well in the error message, and can help people catch
assumptions such as "I tried to clone a mercurial repository without
hg+", which resulted in builds.sr.ht thinking it was git, and attempting
to use `git clone`.

The error messages from git/hg themselves are not super obvious.

For `git clone` it prints:
fatal: repository 'https://hg.sr.ht/~username/reponame/' not found

For `hg clone` it prints:
abort: HTTP Error 404: NOT FOUND

Neither one makes it obvious that you attempted to clone with the wrong
VCS program, and mercurial also doesn't make it obvious if you attempted
to clone with the wrong url, but it's particularly non-obvious to debug
the case of accidentally using git.
Make "to-bottom" link sticky too
f58bbde6 — Theodore Ni 2 months ago
worker: Update prometheus/client_golang.

This picks up a transitive update to golang.org/x/sys in order to fix
building with Go 1.18+ on aarch64-darwin.
images/guix: stop providing cache from host
nixos,guix: Update OpenNIC anycast dns
rockylinux: remove unnecessary update
nixos: remove 21.11, it reached EOL

Co-authored-by: Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>
ubuntu/impish EOL