Use joinedload on jobs page

This improves the performance of the query while fetching related tasks.
job: remove header from note
Add buildsrht-initdb
FreeBSD: drop current
Update libnss_dns version in qemu Dockerfile

Qemu docker build was failing due to missing libnss_dns-2.29.so, since
debian/sid updated it to libnss_dns-2.30.so. This commit updates qemu
Dockerfile respectively.
alpine: install new repos with higher priority

This allows builds to shadow upstream repos
artifacts: show better error message on ~/example
Improve responsiveness of job page
debian/genimg: drop --allow-releaseinfo-change
Don't show logs for queued builds.
Fix error with last
alpine/genimg: drop repo-cache.local
archlinux: mkdir on remote before pushing
Alpine: drop local repo cache
All images: add yui.runners.sr.ht to deploy
API: require job ID to be integer
Allow Arch Linux to autodetect fastest mirrors.
Add route for fetching artifacts via API
shquote artifact names
Fix format string for artifact URLs

Shit goddamn